Digital Signage

Recommendations for making your digital sign(s) accessible to all users.
Right-click on your content folder and select New Content in this Category > Live Data.
Add content to your digital sign.
Magic Bus is the application used to view a map of U-M bus routes, search for stops, and find out when the next bus will arrive. There are different ways that you can display the Magic Bus information on digital signs, and this document provides any relevant information for digital sign configuration.
At the University of Michigan, emergency alerts are required as part of the Service Level Expectations (SLE) of using the Digital Signage service with ITS.
Digital signs are great way to navigate visitors to a building.
This document outlines the process for using a Google calendar API (Application Program Interface) to customize how a calendar displays on digital signage.
Things to consider when adding content to a Digital Sign.
Templates are used in controlling the overall layout and design of a sign.