Contact Center

Important: The U-M Virtual Private Network (UM-VPN) must be connected, and your ITS-provided softphone must be running to access Cisco Finesse when off the U-M Network. Overview Cisco Finesse for Contact Center Express 12.0 is an Agent and Supervisor Desktop that is completely web-based. No additional program is needed on the PC other than a web browser. Cisco Finesse will not require client upgrades as in the previous desktop application.
Overview If you have a Supervisor role, you will need to know the Agent functions to perform several tasks. With Supervisor status, you can check statistics of a call, manage calls, check team data, and monitor your team's calls. You can also select a team from a list of teams assigned to you and view their current state, time in state, and extension.
Overview Anyone in a Supervisor role can request the ability to manage their team’s Business Hours, Custom Business Days, and Holidays. This is a special feature and requires a billable order to be placed on the Service Request System. For assistance in using this tool, contact the ITS Telecommunications Analysts.
Overview University IP Contact Centers who use Cisco Finesse have access to import a phonebook for use through the web interface for dialing and lookup by agents. Steps To request a phonebook: Your contact center must be setup to use the tool prior. To setup a Cisco Finesse phonebook contact a Telecommunications Analyst.​  To determine location to maintain phonebook entries: