Contact Center

Important: The U-M Virtual Private Network (UM-VPN) must be connected, and your ITS-provided softphone must be running to access Cisco Finesse when off the U-M Network. Overview Cisco Finesse for Contact Center Express 12.0 is an Agent and Supervisor Desktop that is completely web-based. No additional program is needed on the PC other than a web browser. Cisco Finesse will not require client upgrades as in the previous desktop application.
Overview If you have a Supervisor role, you will need to know the Agent functions to perform several tasks. With Supervisor status, you can check statistics of a call, manage calls, check team data, and monitor your team's calls. You can also select a team from a list of teams assigned to you and view their current state, time in state, and extension.
Overview University IP Contact Centers who use Cisco Finesse have access to import a phonebook for use through the web interface for dialing and lookup by agents. Steps: To request a phonebook: