What are Learning Outcomes in Canvas? Outcomes are a standardized measure used to track competency or mastery in a course or across a program. Outcomes can be aligned to assignments, quizzes, and discussions to track students development as they complete activities. 
Overview This document details how to compare Word documents for revision as part of a Writing-To-Learn assignment. Note: This document displays steps and screenshots from Word 2016.
Overview This document details the process of creating a Writing To Learn (WTL) activity using Canvas and the M-Write peer review tool. Each WTL activity consists of three assignments:
Overview This document details how to complete peer review using Canvas and the M-Write Peer Review tool.
Overview This document details how to view peer review submissions using the M-Write Peer Review tool. Accessing Students' Peer Reviews In the Canvas site for the course, click the M-Write Peer Review tab.
There are several ways to provide links for students in your Canvas course. Put links directly into Announcements, Assignments, Quizzes, Discussions or Pages For external sites, use the link icon in the editor Example: Image link example (click it):
Canvas allows you to download a final grade file that you can modify and upload to Wolverine Access. This page describes the standard process used at U-M. Your department or school may have a different grade policy. You can use the Course Manager Tool within Canvas to format grades from the Gradebook for error-free uploading to M-Pathways, or follow the steps below for going through this process. 
Getting Started Browsers Canvas supports the last two versions of every browser release. See a full list of supported browsers. Mobile Most Canvas features are supported on mobile devices. Mobile apps are also available free for download on both smartphones and tablets.