Use individual accounts for files that are personal, only needed by you, or only need to be shared on a limited, ad hoc basis.Alumni and retirees lose access to their U-M Box account 30 days after their U-M affiliation change. Know how to get the support you need. For help on using Box, refer to:
Overview Check the Sensitive Data Guide to confirm that your files can be safely stored in Box. You are responsible for the data you store and share. Sensitive, regulated data - such as Protected Health Information (PHI) - is subject to laws and regulations that require special care. Following these guidelines helps you store and share sensitive data safely.
U-M Google shared drives (formerly Team Drives), Dropbox Team Folders, and Shared Accounts in U-M Box and U-M Google are great for maintaining a shared document repository. However, there are important differences in feature availability and functionality between each. See this documentation for a chart that outlines how the four compare.
As of 2021, U-M will no longer offer Box as a storage solution. ITS is committed to guiding the university community through this change by providing a self-service migration tool to help you move your data out of U-M Box and into U-M Dropbox. The following chart provides you with a comparison of frequently used features and functionalities in U-M Box with those of U-M Dropbox to assist with this transition.
This document provides information on the different circumstances under which sharing may not have been reestablished for certain files/folders and details as to why some file permissions changed during the Box-to-Dropbox migration process
Overview U-M Box is provided to current students, faculty, staff, and sponsored affiliates. Employees whose U-M employment ends lose access. If you are to lose access, you will receive an email notice 30 days before your access will end. This document explains what steps to take before someone leaves the university and loses access to their U-M Box account.
Overview Collaborate in U-M Box using MCommunity groups. Collaborations done using MCommunity groups will automatically update in U-M Box when the MCommunity group is updated. The Members list is viewable to setting in MCommunity is synced to U-M Box. MCommunity groups created for shared accounts cannot be used. MCommunity groups that can be used have Sent to Google UMICH set to Yes in the Rules Summary.
Overview U-M welcomes external collaborators! One of the best features of having a U-M Box account is the ability to invite anyone to collaborate. They don't have to be on campus or even have an existing Box account of their own. Use the following practices to get the best experience for collaborating with those outside of U-M.
All U-M Box accounts are required to use Single Sign On (SSO) with a uniqname and U-M Kerberos password to log in (as long as the app’s login allows it). If you previously set up an external password with your account, it will no longer work where SSO is supported. External passwords continue to be used for FTPS, WebDAV, and third-party apps that are unable to use SSO. Enabling SSO does not end active Box sessions, but you will need to use your U-M Kerberos password the next time you log in. If you see a link to use SSO, do so.
This document will show you how to view storage usage and limits for: