BlueJeans: Using BlueJeans with Common University Videoconferencing Systems

Using University Videoconferencing Systems

Many units use videoconferencing systems for audio and video conferencing.

Registering a Unit Telepresence System

Units on campus can register their videoconferencing room systems in the university call manager using SIP at no cost. This allows units to assign a university phone number to the system vs. an IP address. For more information, see Connect Your Unit's Systems to the ITS Enhanced Videoconferencing Network.

Determining Telepresence System Options

Press the * key on your Videoconference System Remote Control to display available menu and layout options.

Connecting to a BlueJeans Meeting from a Video Conference System that is Not Registered in the University Call Manager

When connecting from a Polycom, Cisco/Tandberg, LifeSize, and Mirial/Clear system that is not registered in the university call manager, you can dial directly into a BlueJeans meeting using the following instructions:

  • Room Systems that are H.323 enabled:
    • Use <Meeting ID>.<Passcode>@
      Example, if the meeting ID is 12345 and the passcode is 1111 enter:
    • If a passcode is not required enter:
  • Room Systems that are SIP enabled:
    • Use IP: or to get the IVR (Interactive Voice Response) prompt
    • URI dialing using domain: <Meeting ID> or
  • Older Systems that do not support the dial string format listed above should try:
  • SX10 Video Conference Systems
    Watch this instructional video.