BlueJeans: Join BlueJeans Meeting with a Single Touch from Videoconferencing Systems

BlueJeans offers a Relay Feature that permits you to connect a Google Resource Calendar for the conference room where you are hosting a meeting with the Touch Pad tied to a Videoconferencing Room System in that location so meetings can be joined with a single touch. Click for a demo video of this feature.

Add BlueJeans Relay to Google Calendar for Room

Refer to section 2A of the BlueJeans documentation on how to complete this step.

Send Resource Calendar ID to ITS BlueJeans Administration Team

Once Relay has been added to the conference room, email the Resource Calendar ID ​of the conference room to Please include a contact name for this conference room and include BlueJeans Relay in the Subject Line of your message. Once we receive your email, we will add your rooom system into our Relay Database and set up a time to configure your touch pad.



Last Updated: 
Tuesday, June 7, 2016