CTools Project Site Migration Day 1 — Using Box

What can I do with U-M Box?


With Box, you can:

  • share files and folders
  • use Box Notes to create checklists and documents in Box that people can simultaneously edit and save (similar to Google Docs)
  • use Box Edit to open, edit and automatically save new versions of documents (Word, Excel, etc.) without having to download, open with the application, edit, and re-upload
  • assign tasks to participants, set due dates, and monitor progress
  • manage access permissions and policies
  • manage your notifications
Note: If your resources contain sensitive data, please review this information.

File Management

Box allows you to:

  • add, move and edit files easily
  • customize notifications when edits are made
  • preview without downloading
  • do in-document searches
  • keep your desktop and web content synchronized with Box Sync

Box provides automatic version control and saves earlier versions.


With the Box Mobile App, you can perform most of the major functions.

How do I get started?

A feature/function map comparing CTools to U-M Box

A concise guide for getting up and running quickly:

A more detailed getting started guide:

Training courses and instructional videos:

U-M's getting started with Box information:

More information on using U-M Box

Getting help

For help using U-M Box, contact the ITS Service Center.

Last Updated: 
Wednesday, September 14, 2016