Overview of Jamboard

Jamboard can be used to host live sessions, create and edit content, control who can remotely access a "jam," and connect to other Jamboards. The tablet app and the physical board can be used to perform all of the editing tasks. The phone app and the web viewer have a subset of the editing features.

Example Jamboard Tools

 Draw: Choose a pen and use a finger or a stylus to draw. Draw with other people at the board at the same time or collaborate with people on the tablet app. Make a quick doodle or sketch, and let AutoDraw find a polished image that matches the drawing.
 Handwriting recognition: Use a finger or the stylus to write text. The tool converts handwriting into printed text.
 Insert sticker or stencil: Add images from the gallery to the "jam." Stickers added to the frame exist as objects which can be easily resized and moved around.
 Search web: Enter text to search for information. On the keyboard that appears, use Glide Typing in addition to the regular keyboard.
 Add a Drive file: To add Google Drive content to a "jam," use the Jamboard companion app on a tablet or phone.
Save a Jam: Save a "jam" and access it later. Tap Menu Add owner and share. Enter an email address, then tap Add Confirm owner.
More tools and tips can be found at Google Jamboard Help.
Last Updated: 
Tuesday, June 19, 2018