PCA: Schedule Downtime for a PCA Server


The MiServer service monitors your servers and receives alerts when problems are detected. Server administrators can reboot their servers as needed. When doing so, schedule downtime using the Nagios console. Downtime should be scheduled from a U-M computer and does not need to be done from your PCA servers themselves.

Silence Alerts

  1. Log in to Nagios with your uniqname and UMICH password.

    Note: Members of the MCommunity group selected when the server was ordered have access to the Nagios console.

  2. Enter the server’s name followed by a period in the Quick Search field on the left navigation pane and press Enter.

    Note: The quick search allows wildcards. Example: p-my-web* would show results for all servers with a name beginning with p-my-web.

  3. Click the server name in the host column. Example: p-my-web01.enclave or p-my-linux.enclave.it.umich.edu.
  4. Click Schedule downtime for this host under Host Commands after the Hosts State Information page loads. 
  5. Complete the Nagios web form.


    • Field names in red are required.
    • Enter a brief reason for the downtime in the Comment field. Example: Installing software and rebooting
    • By default, the Start Time and Stop Time fields are pre-populated to a two-hour window in which no alerts will be sent. Adjust those times as needed.
    • Leave the Type and Child Hosts fields at their default values of "Fixed" and "Do nothing with child hosts."
  6. Click Commit to silence alerts from the server during maintenance or reboot.

Resume Alerts

Click delete next to the server's name in the Scheduled Downtime section of the Scheduled Downtime Management​ page.


Last Updated: 
Tuesday, September 5, 2017