Box: Folder Settings and Permissions


Check the Sensitive Data Guide to confirm that your files can be safely stored in Box. You are responsible for the data you store and share. Sensitive regulated data—such as Protected Health Information (PHI)—is subject to laws and regulations that require special care. Following these guidelines helps you store and share sensitive data safely.

Important: Sensitive data is required to be stored in a Shared Account folder.

Learn more: For specific instructions on the minimum requirements for using U-M Box securely with sensitive data, see Use Box Securely with Sensitive Data on the Safe Computing site.


  • Only use official Box apps.
  • Know your Folder Icons External Link.
    Icon Description
    • Personal folder
    • Owned by: You
    • Color: Manila
    • Collaborated folder
    • Owned by: Someone within your enterprise
    • Color: Blue
    • External collaborated folder
    • Owned by: Someone outside your enterprise
    • Color: Grey
  • Understand the different Access Levels for Collaborators External Link.
      Co-Owner Editor Viewer Uploader Previewer Uploader Viewer Previewer Uploader
    Download X X X   X    
    View/Add Comments X X X X X X  
    Delete Files/Folders X X          
    View/Create Tasks X X X X X X  
    Add/Edit Tags X X          
    View Tags X X X X X X X
    View Metadata X X X X X X X
    Edit Metadata X X X X     X
    Invite People X X          
    Edit Folder Name X X          
    Create Subfolders X X X X     X
    Edit Folder Settings X            
    Preview X X X X X X  
    Send View-Only Links X X X   X    
    Upload X X X X     X
    View Item List in Folder X X X X X X X
    Sync Folder X X          
    Set Access Permissions X X          
    Restrict Invitations X            
    View Access Stats X X          
    Move X X          
    Copy X X X        
  • Use a Sensitive Data Folder Tag External Link.
  • Only use official Box apps.

Folder Security Settings

Select Settings from the More Options drop-down list.

Invitation Restrictions

  • Only folder owners and co-owners can send collaborator invites
    This is the most important choice. Only individuals who own the content should be in full control of who is able to access it.
  • Restrict collaboration to within University of Michigan
    We do not have a recommendation on whether or not to collaborate externally. It is your responsibility to share data with only those who should have access to it.
  • Hide Collaborators
    If the identity of the collaborators is sensitive, choose this option. Otherwise, we do not recommend hiding collaborators as it is more secure to know exactly who has access to files and folders.
  • Allow anyone who can access this folder from a shared link to join as a collaborator
    This is not permitted with sensitive data.


Disable commenting for this folder
Sharing and collaboration is the goal of using Box, we do not recommend disabling the ability to comment on folders.

Note: All roles, except Uploader, have the ability to view comments.

Shared Link Access

Only collaborators can access this folder via shared links
Leave the drop-down set to For both files and folders.

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Monday, March 18, 2019