Voicemail: Accessing Exchange Voicemail via Phone

Email Access

If your uniqname was provided at the time your voice mailbox was created, copies of your voicemail messages (and any faxes you receive) are forwarded to your email account where you can open and listen to or read the copies. The original messages will remain in your voicemail inbox until deleted by phone or through OWA.

  • When a voice mailbox reaches its storage capacity (50 MB), forwarding stops.
  • Deleting voicemail messages or attachments from within an email program does not delete them from your voice mailbox. To delete messages from your voice mailbox, you can use your phone or OWA, or you can set up a rule.

Access Your Exchange Voicemail via Phone

How you access your voicemail depends on what phone you use. This document explains the three ways to do so.

From your U-M office phone:

  1. Dial 734-615-4242.
  2. After hearing your 10-digit phone number or your name, enter your PIN and press #.

Note:You may enter your PIN and press # immediately after hearing "Welcome".

From another U-M office phone:

  1. Dial 734-615-4242.
  2. After hearing "If this is not your mailbox," press *.
  3. Enter your 10-digit phone number and press #.
  4. Enter your PIN and press #.

From an external phone:

  1. Dial 734-615-4242.
  2. Enter your 10-digit phone number and press #.
  3. Enter your PIN and press #.

If you plan to use a particular external phone to access your voicemail on a regular basis, you can request the Forward Non-University extension feature which will eliminate Step 2 when calling from that phone.

If You Forget Your PIN

You can reset your PIN in Outlook Web App (OWA)

  1. Select Options. See All Options.
  2. Select Phone.
  3. Reset PIN.

Exchange Voicemail Phone Commands

The Voice (or Speech) Interface is the default after recording your personalized greeting. While in the Main Menu of the voice interface, press 00 to change the interface. To make the touchtone interface your default, say Personal Options and press 4.

Note: Voicemail messages are played with the from and date indicated.

  Voice Commands Touchtone Commands
Main Menu "Voice Mail"
"Personal Contacts"
"Personal Options"
1 - Voice Mail
4 - Find a Contact
5 - Compose a Voice Message
6 - Personal Options
0 - Repeat Menu
While Listening to a Voice Mail Message "Rewind"
"Repeat" (goes back to beginning)
"Pause" (press any key to continue)
"Fast Forward"
"Slow Down"
1 - Rewind (rewinds a few seconds)
11 - Repeat (goes back to beginning)
2 - Pause (press any key to continue)
3 - Fast Forward
33 - Skip to End
4 - Slower
6 - Faster
While or After Listening to a Voice Mail Message "Play"
"Delete Message"
"Restore Message"
"Call the Sender"
"Main Menu"
"More Options"
"Play Header"
"Forward Message"
"Flag for Follow-Up"
"Mark as New"
"Find by Name"
"Envelope Information"
# - Next Message
44 - Flag for Follow-up
5 - Envelope Information
7 - Delete
*7 - Restore
8 - Reply
9 - Mark as unread
0 - Repeat this menu
* (star) - Exit to Main Menu
00 - More Options
After Message Played Only:
1 - Replay message
11 - Previous Message
2 - Call this contact
6 - Forward Message
Personal Contacts/Find a Contact/Directory
You will need to set up your contacts in OWA before using "Find a Contact" or Directory
Say "Personal Contacts" or "Directory"
  • Say the contact's first name and last name
  • Say location (office, cell, home, if you have listed these numbers)
Press 4 to Find a Contact
  • Spell the last name and first name of the person you are looking for. (Press the number associated with each letter just once.)
To search the Directory:
  • Press 00, then spell the last name and first name
  • Press ## to spell the email alias, or uniqname
  • Press 0 to key in the 10-digit phone number
Personal Options See Touchtone Commands 1 - Turn On/Off Telephone Out of Office Status
2 - Record Greetings
1 - Record Personal Greeting
2 - Record Out of Office Greeting
3 - Record Your Name (Voice Signature)
* - Cancel
0 - Repeat this menu
3 - Change PIN
4 - Use the Touchtone or Voice Interface
5 - Set Local Time Zone
6 - Use 12- or 24-Hour Time Format
* - Return to Main Menu
0 - Repeat This Menu
Reading a Fax Message Faxes can be sent to your phone number. They can be read using your OWA or email interface. You can receive and forward fax messages that are sent to you, but you cannot originate a fax message.
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Thursday, February 9, 2017