MiServer: Managed Windows: Vulnerability Scans

Servers subscribed to the Managed OS Windows service are scanned monthly for severity vulnerabilites.

The MiServer service is commited to addressing vulnerabilities discovered within the managed OS components of hosted servers; Windows customers are also expected to mitigate vulnerabilities discovered in software components they have installed on top of the managed OS. Examples of customer supported components include but are not limited to Apache, Chrome, Firefox, Java, Microsoft Office, OpenSSL, Oracle, SharePoint, Wireshark, etc.

The managed Windows service will deliver monthly scan reports to customers highlighting any installed components that require action by customers to remediate. Suggested actions for each identified issue are included in the report details. Vulnerabilities are typically remedied by applying vendor fixes to affected software, uninstalling unneeded software, or altering default configurations for installed roles and features;

If you are unable to apply updates to resolve specific vulnerabilities please contact the MiServer managed Windows team for assistance exploring mitigation avenues.


Last Updated: 
Thursday, November 17, 2016