Guidelines for Appropriate Use of MCommunity Groups

Members of the U-M community can create MCommunity groups for sending email, authorizing access to U-M Google and other resources, and more.

When creating and using MCommunity groups, U-M community members should ensure compliance with SPG 601.07: Responsible Use of Information Resources, SPG 601.19: Identity Misrepresentation, other relevant U-M SPGs, Information Technology Policies and Standards, as well as state and federal laws and regulations.

Members of the university community should abide by the norms of behavior specified in these policies and should not create MCommunity groups to:

  • Attempt to assume another person’s or group’s identity or role through deception or without proper authorization.
  • Communicate or act under the name, email address, or any other forms of identification attached to a specific person, organization, or entity without proper authorization.
  • Gain or seek to gain unauthorized access to U-M resources.
  • Conduct political campaigns. Refer to the Guidelines for Political Campaigns and Ballot Initiatives.
  • Send unsolicited mass communications unrelated to university business or activities.
  • Pursue personal commercial interests or personal financial or other gain.
  • Create the appearance that U-M is endorsing, affiliated with, or otherwise supporting any organization, product, service, candidate, or position.
  • Engage in sock puppetry (use of a false identity to artificially stimulate demand for a product), or abuse per-user benefits, such as licenses and subscriptions.
  • Humiliate, harass, or denigrate others.

As custodian of the university’s institutional IT resources, Information and Technology Services (ITS), in consultation with the U-M Office of General Counsel, the U-M Equity, Civil Rights and Title IX Office, Student Life, and others, works to ensure compliance with these policies and will take action to protect the reputation, privacy, and security of U-M and its community members.

Contact the IT User Advocate team at [email protected] if you are aware of or suspect violation of U-M IT policies.

Last Updated: 
Monday, August 1, 2022