IP Fax: Manage Your Fax Outbox

  • Clicking Send moves a fax into your Outbox.
    • If it sends successfully, it appears briefly in your Archive for temporary storage and a copy is forwarded to your email address.

      Note: Faxes are deleted from the Archive every 24 hours.

    • If it fails, it remains in your Outbox where you can view the job status and modify the fax.
  • To abort a failed fax, click the X next to the Job ID.
  • To modify a failed fax, click the checkmark next to the Job ID. A Modify Job screen will appear where you can:
    • Enter a new destination fax number (or select new contacts)
    • Assign a priority
    • Select the number of tries and define a kill time if the fax fails. A maximum of three tries is suggested.
    • Schedule delivery
    • Save these new settings prior to re-sending.
Last Updated: 
Friday, July 29, 2016