Using the MCommunityGidNumber API (Web Service)

This document provides information about the MCommunityGidNumber application programming interface (API). The MCommunityGidNumber API is a web service that IT professionals can use to reserve gid numbers for groups. Instructions on making a request, available input parameters, and potential outputs and definitions are detailed in this document. This document assumes a basic understanding of the U-M API Directory. See the Help page on the API Directory website for information about the API Directory.

About the API

The MCommunityGidNumber API is a web service that IT professionals can use to reserve gid numbers for groups. A gid number is used in Unix/Linux systems as a unique identifier for a group. This service enables reservation of gid numbers in a way that avoids overlap with ones assigned by the ITS MCommunity team and others.

The API is restricted to 200 calls per minute. The MCommunityGidNumber API supports JSON (JavaScript Object Notation).

Use the ITS Service Status page to stay informed about potential outages of this web service.

Making a Request

The API is located in the API Directory.

First, join a developer organization using the Getting Started Page of API Directory.

Once you get access to join a developer organization:

  1. Log in to the API Directory with your uniqname and UMICH password.
  2. Register your application with the API Directory by adding it as a new application.
  3. Note the Client Id and Client Secret when you are creating the application as they will be used in getting the access tokens for API access.
  4. On the API Directory site, navigate to the MCommunityGidNumber API by searching for the API in the search box.
  5. Subscribe to the MCommunityGidNumber API by selecting your application in the list.
  6. Use your Client Id and Client Secret obtained in step three to generate an access token either:
    1. Programmatically within your application
    2. Or on the API page for your application

By default, access tokens are available for one hour.

  1. Make a request using the appropriate input parameters. Check the sample request and response listed below.
Input Parameter Definition Data type Example
Administrator (uniqname) The uniqname of the reference person responsible for maintaining the group to which the gidNumber is assigned. Multiple people can be listed here. string bjensen
System The name of the server or system in which the group will be used. string (server)
MiWorkspace (system)
Foreign Key Group name. If an MCommunity group, use the group email value without the For non-MCommunity groups, enter the group name. string groupname
Description Provides a description for the gidNumber string MiWorkspace GID Number
MCommunity Group gidNumber
Reserved for MCIT

Sample Request and Output

Requesting a GidNumber for a system.

Format of request:


Example request:


Sample output:

"idNumber": {
"dn": "umichGidNumber=2600007,ou=gidNumbers,o=Registry",
"adminUid": "bjensen",
"idNumber": "2600007",
"description": "MCommunity Group gidNumber"

Output Definitions

Output Definition Data type Example
dn The fully qualified distinguished name (dn) of the gidNumber object in the MCommunity LDAP tree. DN umichGidNumber=2600007,ou=gidNumbers,o=Registry
adminUid The uniqname of one or more people who own this gidNumber. string bjensen
idNumber The gidNumber for this group. string 2600007
description The description that will be stored in MCommunity for this gidNumber. string MCommunity Group gidNumber
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Wednesday, December 6, 2017