Best Practices for Managing University Business Tasks in Wolverine Access

Instructions for Using the Systems

  • Self-service systems (e.g., Student Business, Faculty Business, Employee Self-Service) include links to context-sensitive help instructions at the top-right of each page in the system. You can also browse to specific help instructions from the Self Service Help menu. The help instructions include step-by-step procedures, examples and descriptions of page content, as well as contact information if you need assistance.

  • Users of administrative systems (e.g., M-Pathways, Concur) can search for specific training and documentation for select systems at My LINC.

Be Sure Not to Use Your Browser's Back Button

Using the Back button in these systems may prevent you from saving changes or logging out securely. Instead:

  • Use the menus, links, buttons, and shortcut keys provided in the system.
  • Create favorites to navigate to frequently used pages.

Web Browser Limitations

To determine if there are browser issues with any of the systems for the tasks you want to complete, visit Browser & Operating System Support.

Last Updated: 
Wednesday, September 16, 2020