OARS: Unit Transfer Process for Unit Liaisons

When a new staff person transfers from one U-M unit to another, the person retains administrative access roles from the previous unit. The Unit Liaison of the new unit is expected to:

  • Review the person’s access.
  • Remove roles that are not needed in the new unit.

The two overall steps are to:

  1. Review the person’s existing access using the Access Validation Report in M-Reports.
  2. If necessary, submit an access request in the Online Access Request System (OARS) to remove roles that are no longer needed.

Run Access Validation Report

  1. Log in to M-Reports.
  2. Under the Compliance tab, select Access Validation Report.

MReports Access Validation Report

  1. Enter the staff member’s uniqname to view his/her access.
  2. Click Refresh.
  3. Review the individual’s access.
  4. If appropriate, check with the individual’s new manager to determine which, if any, of the roles need to be removed.

Submit Access Change Request

  1. Log in to the Online Access Request System (OARS).
  2. Click Request.
  3. Enter or lookup the Uniqname of the employee for whom access is being removed in the User Information section.
  4. Click Show All Selected in the Role Selection Tool section.

Note: The list displays all of the employee's current roles. Any additional roles that are checked while creating the new request also display.

  1. Uncheck the box for each role to be removed.
  2. Review the Summary section to verify the accuracy of the request.
  3. Enter Additional Comments to describe the reason for the role removal.
  4. Click the applicable button:
  • Submit for Authorization - to submit the request for approval.
  • Save - to save the request for submission later.

Note: You may also request new access for the individual in this access request. Refer to Submitting Access Requests for the detailed steps.


Contact the ITS Service Center.

Last Updated: 
Thursday, March 17, 2016