Telephone: Contact Center Cisco Finesse Phonebook Instructions


University IP Contact Centers who use Cisco Finesse have access to import a phonebook for use through the web interface for dialing and lookup by agents.


To request a phonebook:

  • Your contact center must be setup to use the tool prior. To setup a Cisco Finesse phonebook contact a Telecommunications Analyst.

 To determine location to maintain phonebook entries:

  • Determine a location for your team to maintain your phonebook in a spreadsheet (i.e. Google sheets or an Excel Box file)
  • Make the URL viewable and downloadable by Unified Communications staff.
  • Your team maintains any changes to the phonebook in this spreadsheet.

Submit Changes:

  • Email with the following:
    • Request change to Cisco Finesse phonebook for [Insert your call center name here]
    • Updated phonebook found at:  [Include the URL you created in Step 2]


Last Updated: 
Thursday, June 13, 2019