Planview: Define a Project


After a project request is approved during the Capture Gate review, the Investment Portfolio Manager or Product/Service Owner assigns it to a Definition Project Manager. The Definition Project Manager works with Subject Matter Experts to complete the Definition Stage. This gives the Service Portfolio Owner an investment proposal which can be used to make a decision about committing ITS resources to fulfill the request or not.

These activities are associated with the planning, scoping and effort estimation that occur before a project is approved. With one exception, all project definition effort should be tracked as ITS Demand Management Activities as Authorized work. The exception is if the planning effort for a project is expected to take more than 80 hours. In that case, a separate planning project is created and the Definition Project Manager allocates staff who will be involved with the planning work.

Note: For information on the associated business rules, see the Definition Stage Procedures for Project Managers.


This checklist is completed by the Definition Project Manager during the Definition Stage of Demand Management. It helps ensure that all deliverables are completed properly in preparation for the Definition Gate review. This creates a consistent approach for the Execution Project Manager.

  • Ensure that Project Title (Description in Planview) is understandable from non-IT perspective (no acronyms, jargon, etc.). Communicate with sponsor to change the title.
  • Include all relevant information in the project charge.
  • Contact Support Services Service Transition to ensure that the right information gets to the Service Center, Neighborhood IT and other Support Services teams.
  • Confirm with ITS Support Services Lead Team if their involvement is needed.
  • Check the Planview Common Definition Demand Details Screen. If an Enterprise Architect Coach is listed, contact that person. If no Enterprise Architect Coach is listed, and the Enterprise Arch Involvement status is something other than "No Involvement Needed", then contact the Enterprise Architects.
  • Ensure that the project Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) has tasks relevant to the project work. Add tasks as needed.
    • Include all estimated effort by role as requirement (Require in Planview) at the PLAN level.

      Note: Review Define a Resource Requirement.

    • Make sure that the estimated project management effort is between 10-20% of the total (lower end for repeatable, low risk projects).
  • Ensure that the financial plan has been updated with non-labor data as needed (expenses, $ benefits).

Definition Demand Details

definition demand details window

Tip Refer to the Identifying Project Benefits and the Identifying IT Metrics docs for help with completing this page.

Project Schedule

work and resource management window

  • Click New Baseline, enter Definition Baseline in the Baseline Name field, and then click Save.
  • Click Done.
  • Close the Work and Resource Management window.
  • Click Submit schedule as complete in the other, pop-up, window.

    Note: This opens the Financial Plan window.

Financial Plan

financial plan window

The next step calculates the total labor cost for the request and is where non-labor expenses and expected monetary benefits (savings, cost avoidance, increased revenue) need to be entered. The Service Portfolio Owner uses this information for cost benefit analysis in the decision to approve the project. Include all expected effort as requirements, reserves or allocations.

  • Verify the Effort to Load and Period Ranges, and then click Load Now.

    Note: Labor cost rates per role are set by ITS Finance at the 75th percentile of the salary range for people in the role. This is the full labor cost, including taxes and benefits.

    financial-plan window
  • Enter dollar amounts in the appropriate financial period for:
    • Funding external to ITS that will be received for the requested project.
    • Increased revenue or cost savings that will be achieved as a result of the project.
    • Non-labor and other costs.


    • Projected benefits are realized upon project completion. Enter benefits for every financial period after expected project completion.
    • Enter expected expenses related to the project execution, not costs to run the service.


financial plan window

  • Close the window.

    Note: The Common Definition Demand Details screen now opens. If you do not complete this step now, you can do so later with the notification on the My Planview screen.

  • Select Approve Screen and enter your comments, if any.
  • Click OK to submit definition as complete.
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