Planview Support

Resource Managers need to update and maintain their direct reports’ resource role and level, and add skills as appropriate. This data plays an important part in forecasting resources. By updating and maintaining these roles, ITS and Planview Leadership can see from a high level where ITS may be short on skills or in excess.
The university invests a significant amount of money into ITS. Accordingly, it is important for ITS to demonstrate to the university what value it is receiving for its investment. The information gathered from the project closure is used to create an annual accomplishments report submited to the university's Chief Financial Officer. Information is often included in the CFO’s annual financial reports for the university. In addition, cost savings information is submitted to the Provost’s office for inclusion in the Provost’s annual cost containment report.  
Overview Many times ITS customers don't understand the true value of Infomation Technology (IT). It is up to ITS to clearly state what business value (time and money) IT solutions address. Three common business values are:
Overview What’s in it for me? Most people are not interested in how cars work, but they are interested in getting to their destination safely and comfortably. The same goes for information technology. People are not interested in how computers, software and networks work. Rather, in how they can use these tools to do new and interesting things or make their lives easier. It is up to the technology providers to help people understand, in terms that matter to them, the value of the technology they use.