OARS: RDA (Remote Data Access) Requests

Access the Online Access Request System (OARS).

New RDA (Remote Data Access) Request

Note SFTP is no longer needed and won’t be in the new OARS system.

  1. Click Request.
  2. The User Information section will default to the logged in users’ Uniqname. To enter a request for a different user, enter or lookup the Uniqname of the employee for whom access is being requested.
  3. Click the expand arrow for Other in the role tree in the Role Selection Tool section.
  4. Click the expand arrow for Remote Data Access.
  5. Check the box for the applicable role(s).
  6. Repeat steps 3-5 for additional roles.
  7. Scroll down and review the Role Summary section to verify the accuracy of the request. Pay close attention to the Item Action column.
  8. Enter Additional Comments.

    Note RDA requests must include detailed requirements in the Additional Comments field.

  9. Click the applicable button:
    • Submit for Authorization - to submit the request for approval.

      Note For roles that have Secondary Securities, the request will not be submitted yet. You will be prompted to complete a Secondary Security form before submitting the request.

    • Dismiss Request - to delete the request.
    • Save - to save the request for submission later.