CTools to U-M Box Feature/Function Map

The tables in this document map common CTools features and fuctions to their equivelent in U-M Box.

File and Document Storage

CTools feature/function Box equivalent Box advantage Action Item
CTools Project Site Box Shared Account   Request a Shared Account
Document, photo, video and media storage Box folders unlimited storage  
Sensitive data Approved for most, refer to the Sensitive Data Guide (HIPAA, but not ITAR)   Review the Sensitive Data Guide
Store weblinks Bookmarks   Create a bookmark

File and Document Collaboration

CTools feature/function Box equivalent Box advantage Action Item
Private group of internal U-M users Box Group use same MCommunity groups as you use for email lists Review Box: Collaborate Using MCommunity Groups
Private group internal UM and external users Box Group - only uniqnames are synced to Box    
Can be accessed by course roster Course Groups are not synced to Box    
Can be accessed by Michigan Medicine All Michigan Medicine members who are in MCommunity have U-M Box accounts   Review who can use it

Can be accessed by U-M Friend Accounts

Can be accessed by non-UM accounts

All non-UM people can be invited to collaborate or have documents shared with them, unless folder is restricted    
Option to post publicly viewable files to the web Shared Links (weblinks) can be created to any file or folder and open to the public Box Embed provides code to use in websites to directly embed files/folders on web pages Generate a Shared Link
Maintain unit ownership after staff departure   Shared Accounts are designed for this  
Open/frequently changing group of users Collaborators can be managed (add/delete/modify permissions) directly in Box by Co-Owners and Editors Inviting MCommunity Groups as collaborators streamlines this process  
Maintain list of users in single location Membership of MCommunity Groups can be managed centrally and those groups used for multiple collaborations MCommunity Groups  

Collaborative Functions & Permissions

CTools feature/function Box equivalent Box advantage Action Item

Basic view, comment, edit permissions

Variety of fine-grained access/permissions

7 levels of permissions

  Review Collaborator Access Levels
Edit within application (no re-upload) Box Edit - install-able app    
Real-time editing/collaboration Box Notes    
Support Microsoft Office file types Box Edit, Box for Office (Windows) all filetypes are supported Learn more about Editing Files with Box Edit
CTools DropBox (automatic private resources sharing with members) Box sub-folders permitted to individuals   Understand Folder Permissions


CTools feature/function Box equivalent Action Item
Closely-integrated group communication features    
Send announcements to group use same MCommunity Group to invite collaborators and send announcements  
Can be combined with a central document repository using the same MCommunity groups  
Threaded discussions Comments Learn more about Comments, Tasks, and Updates

Central Website and Org Hosting

CTools feature/function Box equivalent Action Item
Public-facing web presence Box Embed - code to embed folder or file on website Create an Embed Widget



CTools feature/function Box equivalent
Create/distribute assignments or instructions Files containing instructions in Box with View access to students

Other Box Features

Name Description
Versions keep up to 100 versions of any file with the ability to download previous versions or make a previous version current
Access Stats view who has viewed or downloaded files
Upload via email create email address to folder in Box; attachments sent via email to that address uploaded to folder
Upload via web create web widget to upload files directly to Box
Notifications control how much or how little you are notified
Favorites can mark and make these home page


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Friday, September 1, 2017