MiWorkspace: Offboarding - Create a Request from an Incident


This step-by-step procedure describes how to create a Request in ServiceLink from an Incident for MiWorkspace offboarding.

https://umichprod.service-now.com > Incident > Create New

Step-by-Step Procedure

Note:Offboardings are being automated. Please check KB0020758 to determine if the individual belongs to a unit who's offboardings have been automated. If yes, please advise the caller that an offboarding request will be automatically generated. If the caller is not in an automated department, please proceed with creating the request manually.

    Note:To toggle the Template Bar on, click the More Options lookup icon in the incident header and select Toggle Template Bar.

    Note: During the creation of the Incident, gather the following information:

    • Employee name and/or uniqname
    • Manager name and/or uniqname
    • Offboarding date/time
    • Type of departure:
      • Transfer
      • Leaving University (Voluntary)
      • Leaving University (Involuntary)
    1. Click More options lookup icon on the template bar.
    2. Search for and select MiWorkspace: Offboarding.
    3. Enter the Caller name and Short Description.
    4. Click Save.
    5. Click Create Catalog Order.
    6. Enter, select, or lookup lookup icon values for applicable fields in the Variables section. Only those marked with a red asterisk (*) are required.

      Note: Expand More information as needed for applicable fields.

    7. Enter applicable Work notes or Additional comments (Customer visible).
    8. Click Close Task.

      Note: The Request Item (RITM) and associated Tasks are automatically assigned to the applicable Neighborhood IT (NIT) for completion.

    Last Updated: 
    Wednesday, August 30, 2017