This document is for U-M staff members who have administrative access to the MCommunity Directory. It provides instructions for using the administrative web interface to MCommunity, as well as information about the different access roles available.
This document provides an overview of the MCommunity Directory. It describes the information about people and groups that is in the directory and details how that information gets into, and out of, the directory.
Overview Collaborate in U-M Box using MCommunity groups. Collaborations done using MCommunity groups will automatically update in U-M Box when the MCommunity group is updated. The Members list is viewable to setting in MCommunity is synced to U-M Box. MCommunity groups created for shared accounts cannot be used. MCommunity groups that can be used have Sent to Google UMICH set to Yes in the Rules Summary.
This document explains resetting UMICH (Level-1) passwords for certain sponsored individuals. For some people, passwords are reset by the ITS Service Center; for others, passwords are reset by departmental sponsorship administrators. This document provides instructions for resetting sponsored individuals' passwords using the MCommunity Sponsor System. It also includes instructions for communicating passwords securely.
U-M instructors on the Ann Arbor campus can use the MCommunnity Directory to create groups based on course-roster data in Wolverine Access. These groups are synchronized to U-M Google and can be used for sending email, and sharing U-M Google resources.
This document explains how to use forwarding addresses in the MCommunity Directory to have email that is sent to your address forwarded to any email account you choose. 
Overview MCommunity groups can collaborate in U-M Google. Access to items is managed in MCommunity instead of U-M Google. For privacy, the Members list is viewable to setting in MCommunity is synced to U-M Google. When using sensitive data, ensure that all group members are in compliance.
This document provides general information about the MCommunity LDAP Tree, including a list of the most frequently used attributes. The LDAP tree is an LDAP-accessible replica of the MCommunity Directory. 
Instructions for creating and managing groups and group memberships in the MCommunity Directory. Note that only members of the University of Michigan community who have their own directory profiles can create and manage groups in the directory.
This document provides information about managing the MCommunity Directory group profile associated with a shared account. Shared accounts allow a group to have a U-M Google or U-M Box account that is owned by that group rather than by an individual. This document includes information on changing the UMICH password used for that account.