M Cloud: Enrolling in AWS Educate

Enroll in AWS Educate

Note: Due to current limitations within AWS consolidated billing, we advise AWS Educate users to create a new AWS account and select Enterprise Agreement Only. Do NOT use the Consolidated Billing feature.  AWS is working on a fix for this issue.
  1. Log in to AWS Educate

    aws log in page

  2. Choose Student or Educator.

    aws log in page

  3. Fill out the application:
    1. Enter University of Michigan in the Institution Name field.
    2. Enter your U-M-issued email address in the Email field.
    3. Enter your AWS Account ID in the AWS Account ID field. (If you do not have an ID, refer to Creating an AWS Account.)

      application page

  4. Click Next.

Note: AWS will send you a verification code in the email address you specified during account setup.

Verify Your Account

  1. Enter the code you received by email into the Verification Code field.

    verify email address window

  2. Check the I'm not a robot checkbox and click Next
  3. Accept the AWS Educate Terms & Conditions.

Note: This completes your portion of the enrollment. AWS needs to process the request. You will receive a welcome email from AWS when the setup is complete.