M Cloud: Creating an M Cloud Account

Request M Cloud

  1. Go to the IT Services Portal.
  2. Click Request M Cloud - AWS .
  3. Enter your information:
    1. Enter the email address you registered with Amazon Web Services (AWS).
    2. Enter your AWS account number. (If you do not have an AWS account, refer to Creating an AWS Account)
    3. Select an MCommunity group to administer the Services Portal account.
    4. Select your level of service:
      Enterprise Agreement Only
      You do not wish to be part of Consolidated Billing ­ use this for AWS Educate, Reserved Instances, or Grants.
      Enterprise Agreement and Consolidated Billing
      You wish to be part of Consolidated Billing.
      1. Enter Shortcode information (only if Consolidated Billing is selected)

  4. Click Continue.
  5. Review information and click Submit.
  6. The M Cloud Support team will send a confirmation email to the email address you provided with additional information.

Confirm Consolidated Billing

Note: If you selected Consolidated Billing, you will receive an email from AWS with the subject "Request to add account to Consolidated Bill". You will need to click on the link to finalize the setup process.