M Cloud: Creating an AWS Account

Sign Up for a New Account

  1. Go to Amazon Web Services.
  2. Click Sign In to the Console.
  3. Enter an MCommunity group in the E­mail field, select I am a new user, and then click Sign in using our secure server.

    sign in page

  4. Enter the Login information:

    login credentials page

  5. Enter the Contact Information and click Create Account and Continue.

    contact information page

Find Your Account Number

  1. Go back to Amazon Web Services.
  2. Select Account Settings from the My Account drop-down list.

    my account drop-down list

  3. Log in with the credentials you set up earlier and take note of your account number.

    account settings screen

  4. Use this account number to continue setting up your M Cloud account at IT Services Portal. For assistance, see Creating an M Cloud Account.