Imaging Services: Searching for a Document


When searching for documents, you can use the Quick Search or Search tab to perform your search.

When you use the Quick Search feature, you can search for a document based on its name, drawer, or document property value. When you use the Search feature, you can search for a document based on a composite property or custom property value, a document property, status, or a user.

You can save document searches as private filters.

Search for a Document

quick search screen

  1. Click Add on the Search tab.
  2. Select a constraint to use from the Constrain by drop-down list in the Add Conditions dialog box.
  3. Select the type of search to perform from the Type drop-down list.
  4. Select the item field from the Field drop-down list to use in the search.
  5. Select an operator from the Operator drop-down list to use when comparing the field and value.
  6. Enter a valuse for the search in the Value field.

    Note: If you selected Prompted in the Type list, the Message box appears instead of the Value list. Enter instructions indicating what value to enter.

adanved search screen

  • Optional: Repeat the adanvced search steps to add another search value.
  • Click Go.

Adapted from Perceptive Software Online Help

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