Imaging Services

There is no change in functionality between Imaging 6.6 and Imaging 7.1. A few of the screens look different in the client version. Adding and viewing documents in the Imaging system and in the PeopleSoft system remains the same. Below are the areas of the imaging client with a visual difference between Imaging 6.6 and Imaging 7.1.
The ImageNow Printer allows you to import an electronic file, such as a Microsoft Office document or an email, convert it to TIFF format, and store it. You can use ImageNow Printer from any software program that has a print option. The options you set in a capture profile determine how to process documents. Because documents are stored as TIFF files, you can annotate them, set the page orientation, color, and watermark options. You can also use ImageNow Printer to highlight a Word document or add a sticky note to an email.
When searching for documents, you can use the Quick Search or Search tab to perform your search. When you use the Quick Search feature, you can search for a document based on its name, drawer, or document property value. When you use the Search feature, you can search for a document based on a composite property or custom property value, a document property, status, or a user. You can save document searches as private filters.
Deleted documents are available in the Recycle Bin for 30 days. During that period you can restore any documents that you deleted. The Imaging Services team can restore any deleted document regardless of who deleted it.
These steps are for both upgrading an existing installed client and for new client installations. (If you have an older version of the client already installed, the installation wizard installs the product accordingly.) Requires administrator level permissions. If you are on the MiWorkSpace service, this installation is completed for you by the MiWorkspace team. If you are not on the MiWorkspace service and do not have administrator level permissions to your machine, contact your local IT support team.