In August 2017, the Cosign back-end service will switch from a certificate signed by UMWebCA to an InCommon certificate that uses the AddTrust Certificate Authority. This document details how to add Trust for InCommon certificates to U-M websites that uses Cosign.
This document details how to set up Cosign authentication for an Apache web server.
This document details how to set up Cosign authentication for Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS).
The U-M Weblogin page allows you to log in once per web session to gain access to many protected web resources. This document explains how the process protects your UMICH (Level-1) password and provides tips to help you keep your password and personal information private while using Weblogin. What Is Weblogin? Weblogin is a web page (and the software behind it) that allows you to log in once to gain access to a variety of protected U-M web resources, including Wolverine Access, AFS, the MCommunity Directory, CTools, and more.