To schedule a meeting without using your personal PIN (e.g., creating a meeting for others), you need to create a moderator-less meeting and add a participant passcode.
Overview BlueJeans allows you to add a delegate who is able to schedule meetings on your behalf.  Delegate functionality works with:
All university faculty, staff, and sponsored affiliates on the Ann Arbor, Dearborn, Flint, and medical campuses in units who have opted into the campus-wide license are eligible for a BlueJeans account. This account enables you to schedule, host, and moderate BlueJeans video conferencing meetings.
Select your Name or Photo from the BlueJeans Menu. Select Settings from the drop-down menu. Scroll down to the My Meeting ID field. Enter new Meeting ID  (9-18 digits). If the Meeting ID is not available, an error message will display, and you will need to try another ID. Scroll down and click Save.
Provides instructions on how to create a new University of Michigan BlueJeans account, join a test meeting, and modify common settings to personalize your account.
BlueJeans offers a Relay Feature that permits you to connect a Google Resource Calendar for the conference room where you are hosting a meeting with the Touch Pad tied to a Videoconferencing Room System in that location so meetings can be joined with a single touch. Click for a demo video of this feature.
You are able to modify your BlueJeans user settings, such as your name, company, phone, photo, or personal meeting ID, or moderator PIN/passcode.
Many units use videoconferencing systems for audio and videoconferencing. Units on campus can register their videoconferencing room systems in the university video cluster using SIP at no cost. This allows units to assign a university phone number to the system vs. an IP address.